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so, if you don't know by now, i write a zine called [list.] (see sample pages from each issue here: http://www.everydaypants.com/artwork/zines). i'm on my 13th issue, which will hopefully be out by june. my zine comes in three sections, the main section is lists i write and draw, and the other two sections are a short section of lists i've found on the street, and a section of guestlists - lists and drawings submitted by others!

i'd love for any of you to submit a guestlist! if you make it, i'll publish it, unless i find it extremely offensive. haha.

here's an example of one my lists so you can get an idea of what i mean:

- it should be half of an 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

- it should have at least a quarter inch border all the way around so nothing gets cut off in photocopying.

- it can be vertical or horizontal format but take into consideration that all of my pages are usually vertical, so if you make it horizontal the reader will have to turn the zine. no biggie, but if you want uniformity vertical is your best bet.

-you can type it or hand-write it.

- you must make a drawing to go with your list! don't worry if you're not good at drawing. that's half the fun!

- the list can be about anything at all, but the more you expand upon your bullet points, the more interesting it is to read.

- you can mail me the original (comment for my address) or you can scan your page at at least 300dpi and email it to ramseybeyer@gmail.com

- this zine will be circulated to at least 400 people, usually more. so be okay with what you put out there! you can't take it back. i'm not responsible for regrets.

- you should get it to me by may 20th, or at least respond to me by then so i know to hold your spot. if you need a couple extra days and i know about it, that's fine.

- if you submit, i'll send you a free copy of the final product in mid june!
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